January 18, 2010

Homemade Mint Chocolate Cake

For Chuck's birthday cake he really wanted a Mint Chocolate cake....I searched and searched and searched and then found myself back at my trusty old site....Taste of Home...what can I say it's my standby site and this is exactly why.

First I gathered all the ingredients:

After a quick call to my mom I successfully melted chocolate in the microwave for the first time :-) And OMG did it smell amazing???
The cake batter...looking a little funky but it turned out to look much better after being baked in the oven!

The middle layer of frosting, which this is really the creme chantilly with mint extract, and in this case a little food coloring..oh yummy!!! It almost tasted like Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream without the Chocolate.

The outer frosting...this was so yummy...I could have eaten the entire bowl of frosting...

The middle layer of the cake!! Looking mighty fine!
And I was a little silly and thought the frosting was too thick so I added a little more evaporated milk, so then it was too soft, thus why it ended up in the fridge... But it was a little better because the cold brought out the mint some more!!

This recipe is a keeper!! I loved the frosting and the cake was so moist and delicious! I have found another cake from scratch recipe...Look out packaged cake world...you are going down!!
My next made from scratch cake will be......CARROT CAKE....and YELLOW CAKE... :-) Wish me Luck!


MsYankee said...

you have a kitchenaide! jealous!

i hope to add one of those to my cupboard soon. we so need to hang and have a baking party. i miss you!


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