January 18, 2010


So after watching the Julie/Julia movie I HAD to make some yummy bruschetta!!! She makes it on the night that she decides she wants to write a blog :-)

So one day after work I went to the store and picked up some french bread, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. And let me make one huge factor clear: I HATE TOMATOES!!! Hate, hate, hate them, ever since I was a kid I've disliked Tomatoes. I love ketchup and pasta sauce but I can't stand whole tomatoes. But in my effort to get over foods I dislike that really are pretty good I decided what better way than a little bruschetta. Plus my Paps makes grilled tomatoes with mozzarella on the BBQ during summer and I really liked those...

Just like in the movie...you can never have too much butter...while I wish that was true I must disagree. These were a little more buttery than I wanted but that was a minor detail....

The amazing mixture to put on top. This is actually a recipe that I found from weight watchers. You are supposed to put this mixture on Pita's and make mini pita pizzas, but hey why not try it for bruschetta. It's chopped tomatoes, olive oil, basil, and a little garlic salt.
I toasted the bread with butter in the pan on the stove top, then topped them with the tomato mixture and some mozzarella, then popped them in the oven at 400 degrees for 10 minutes!!

They were so good!! I ended up eating these two for dinner and was stuffed!! I found a new way to enjoy tomatoes....I think I've figured out that I like hot tomatoes but I still can't eat them cold....I am giving it some time before I can eat them like an apple...GAG!!
But yes these are so easy, so UNHEALTHY, but so good...and I was so full with eating these two pieces for dinner....and just to give you a better idea of the size....I just cut off to pieces from a loaf of french bread and that plate is a dessert size plate, not a big plate :-)



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