January 30, 2010

Another Book Bites the Dust

So I finished "Little White Lies" by Gemma Townley last night. And I am sad to report that it was a flop!! Not that others might not enjoy...but to be honest the book was unrealistic in a trying to be realistic way....along with the predictable ending.

Now predictable endings don't bother me most of the time....the satstifcation of knowing that everything will be just the way you want it is comforting....but when the story feels rushed and not well put together and lets face it...this book's tale would probably never happen in real life.

And I'm a little nervous about reading another book from this author...but it's one I've bought so it must be read!! I will not however be reading it next.

The next book I am starting will be....................

"The Next Thing On My List" by Jill Smolinksi



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