September 13, 2009

Craiglist STEAL of a DEAL

So last sunday my mom got me looking around on Craiglist for furniture and I am so happy she did!! We found these two side tables for $25, for both!! They are super sturdy and my mom said they are real maple wood. We are going to refinish them and paint them the same green as our throw pillows in the living room. We want to add a little more color and the green will make them pop :-) We also will replace the knobs to make them match and probably get espresso color to match the shelving!

We were so stoked about this find because they really are in great condition for only having to pay $25 and the bonus was the person we bought them from was only 5 minutes up from our house :-)

Now we just have to refinish and paint. They are in our living room now but when we take our vacation in October we are going to make them pretty. But I couldn't wait because our old tables didn't match and I love that they match now!
The only next thing we need to do in the living room after this is hang the TV and then find an table for under the TV to match the Espresso colored shelves. I can't wait to get the living room finished. Then we will have a completed living room and dining room. Slowly but surely we are getting our condo in order! Next up tear out the carpets upstairs and put in the flooring.



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