September 13, 2009

Apple Pockets

I made these yesterday and they taste like little apple pies :) Perfect with a cup of coffee or some hot chocolate :)

First I rolled out some premade pie dough!!

Then mixed together the apple pie mix (also premade, I was lazy ) I added cinnamon and sugar because the apples were just plain.
I cut the pie dough into squares and placed some apple filling in the middle.

Then I folded up the edges and made them in little "pocket" squares.

Then baked them for about 20 minutes in 375 degree oven.

Some of them stayed closed some opened. Out of the first batch I made only 4 came out decent looking, which I brought down to my Paps and my Sister, they love Apple Pie :-) This batch was some I made after to work on making the pockets better :-)



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