September 20, 2009


So Chuck was really anxious to put out his new Halloween decoration for his village! Unfortunately once we started unpacking we realized it was all the Halloween decoration and we are missing some Fall decorations. I think they got put in with the Christmas stuff last year after we took it down and put up the Christmas stuff. But here are some snapshots of some Halloween decorations!

This is one of the shelves above the TV, there are three shelves!!

Here is one shot of the village, that's the haunted mansion we got last year. We had to wait on this one until it got closer to Halloween because it was the display model! But it was worth the wait!

The new piece this year is the one all the way to the left! It's a mortuary/graveyard. It's fun!
I wish we could have gotten all the items lit up to show in this picture but we couldn't...So you will have to trust me that it looks AMAZING!!

And these shelves are in the dining room wall! On the shelves there are leaves laid down underneath all the figures and candle holders :-) These are my favorite!!

So that's about it. We added more decorations but I only took a few pictures. And I am hoping to find my other fall decorations this week. I love my little scarecrows and I would be heartbroke if they got lost somewhere!!

Now I just need to light some apple cinnamon candles and a pumpkin spice latte :-) I am so excited we are moving into Fall and I can't wait for the weather to show that it's fall!


Let it Shine said...

Cute!!! I am with you on the pumpkin spice latte. YUM.
I just put up Halloween decor too!

Take care,


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