September 13, 2009

Engagement Card!

So my old roomie and best friend Jenny got engaged the other night while in vegas with her now Fiance :-) She moved up to Washington when her family moved to Idaho after our lease was up at our apartment and I have only seen her one time since then (it's been 2 years :-( ) And I miss her so much, so I am bummed I won't be able to celebrate when she gets back from Vegas. But I am so Happy for her! So I wanted to handmake her Congratulations on Your Engagement card :-) This is what I came up with. And since I can't be waiting at her doorstop when she gets home I picked up the Fall/Winter Issue of the Knot magazine and included it in a package for her! The two of them are perfect together and I am so happy for her!

That's a picture she had on her Myspac of her and her Fiance Jamie. The sticker below says "Two Hearts Become One"
I love this quote and it fits these two perfectly!
I was very happy with how the card turned out! I love it and I hope she and Jamie loves it :-)



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