September 30, 2009


So I am happy to say we have now bought all furniture for our bedroom that matches!!YAY! We got two new nightstands and a dresser that match the TV Stand we found at the thrift store! We haven't put together the dresser but next week on vacation we are putting it together and then rearranging the bedroom so I'll add pictures next week of the bedroom fully put together!

Here's Chuck putting together the nightstand (with help from the dogs)

Here it is all put together! And Belle is modeling for you :-)

These are so awesome because now we both have matching night stands and we have so much more room! We can easily fit our alarm clocks, glasses of water and lamps. I also can fit my book and the phone without trying to figure out how to make it fit! I am so so happy! The drawer is deep and has lots of space and now I can keep my books and magazines on the shelves and not littered all around the house!


Delightful Dwelling said...

How great to have some new nightstands. We only have one nightstand on my side of the bed and it bothers me how unbalanced it feels.


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