September 9, 2009

Sunday Dinner 9-6-09

So we did not do a new recipe this past sunday...we are total slackers. I had a medical procedure done on Friday and think I pushed myself too much on Saturday cause Sunday I felt horrible. So I decided to relax. But we did do something that I haven't had in a really long time and that my boyfriend has never had. We tried some BBQ Beef Sandwiches!!! I didn't like these at all as a kid but I've grown to like them :)

Here is the top of the container

You just pop it into the microwave.

And enjoy!! It was pretty tasty...the boyfriend didn't like it but I like it now! I even had leftovers on tuesdays!!
So that's it for Sunday dinner. And this sunday I'm on my own with cooking something new. Chuck is working a shift for his coworker - YAY for overtime pay with the holidays coming up, but I am bummed we won't be making something together. I will have to pick out something this week and get the items on Saturday!



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