September 9, 2009

New HOLIDAY Fabrics

So I stopped by JoAnn's Fabrics and WalMart on Monday after going to have lunch with the honey! I picked up some awesome fabrics and all were on sale YAY!!

I got these at Walmart...only $2.44 a yard. I only got half a yard of each cause I'm going to use them to make the dogs holiday bandanas and use some to make bandana's for the Dog Adoption place we used to volunteer, they like to make the dogs festive for adoption days and one of those days lands on Halloween this year :-)

I got these at JoAnn's. They were 25% off and originally $6.99 a yard. I got the fall one to make a table runner for the kitchen table and the Halloween to make a table runner for October. We may use them for underneath the TV on the TV table or for the Kitchen table. I may even have enough to use for both! I love it!

I got these christmas fabrics in a little bin at JoAnn's for only $1.79. Not sure what I will use them for but there is enough to do something with them! I am so excited to start working with all these.

But first I need to finish up the aprons I started...they are the most annoying aprons to make ever and I'm not even liking the way they look. But I am going to finish them and then I got a new apron pattern to do my other aprons with. Hopefully those will turn out better! But I can't wait to make our fall table runner, I am just so in love with the fabric. And in the next post I'll show you the floral arrangement I made for the fall season :-)



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