September 13, 2009

New Fabric

The other day I picked up this fabric to make a table runner for the fall season :-)
It only took me about an hour to do the table runner which turned out great. I was a little bummed at first when the fabric wasn't long enough to hang off the table but then I realized it's better so our cats don't play with it.
Here it is with the fall floral arrangement I mage. I am so happy the colors don't clash, I was a little worried but I just had to have the flowers and I just fell in love with the fabric.

I had just enough left over to make a couple little "covers" for our end tables. Which we got off Craigslist recently, which I'll post better pictures next :-) I'm not really sure what to call these but they are just enough to tie in the table runner to the living room tables.

This is the little side table I use all the time so the fabric won't get seen much, I always have magazines or books LOL, but it works. They are a little small but they work.

Overall it was a successful sewing day. I will probably get my Halloween ones done this week.



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