February 7, 2010

It's Finally Here!!

I was so ecstatic to get off work on Friday!! Three wonderful packages awaited my arrival home to be opened!! I couldn't open them fast enough!!

My new camera had arrived...one week later...Thanks for the great shipping Best Buy!! I got the camera, the case, the tripod and rechargeable battery! The mini tripod is so cute!

Here is a shot of the camera before I opened the box!
And here is the BEAUTIFUL camera!!

Of course I had to put it on the tripod to test it ou! How cute is that!!

I was so happy to finally get my new camera but I soon realized I should have also bought a memory card! I need to sit down and read the manual but I have not had a chance...then when I opened the Sunday ads Best Buy had their camera memory cards on sale! Could it be any better? I got a 8 GB memory card for $24.99!! I love Best Buy!


Heidi said...

Ooh! I love new toys in the mail, especially the kind that takes pictures! Have fun!


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