August 8, 2012

DIY Car Garbage Sack!

This past weekend I got to spend a lot of quality time being crafty in my scrapbook room! While that was not the original plan for the weekend I was extremely excited to get in there and have some fun! And thanks to Pinterest I was able to pull off a project to do within 5 minutes!

I had found this awesome little Travel Trash Bag on Pinterest and knew immediately it would help keep my car cleaner longer! Am I messy person? No, but during the summer months we take my car everywhere and it ends up pretty darn dirty! I recently cleaned it and am now being super anal about no food, no scraps of paper, no drinks come in that do not leave within the same trip...yeah it's pretty bad but she just looks so pretty!!

Enter this amazing little project that will only aid my attempts at keeping my car spic and span!!

Hello Super Cute Travel Trash Bag

I will give you the brief commentary on how to complete this project, accompanied by a million pictures, but I would highly recommend you check out the originators blog post about how to complete this trash bag!

Thanks Nancy's Couture for a fun and easy project!

Thankfully I had all the supplies to work on this project cause this woman was not leaving her house unless absolutely necessary!

You will need:
  • 1/2 yard of fabric
  • Interfacing
  • Boning
  • Scissors
  • Velcro
  • Thread
  • Sewing Maching

I actually had purchased a bunch of this fabric a couple years ago in hopes of making my own grocery tote bags, nope they still haven't been made, but I do have them on my ever growing To Do list!

I started out by ironing out my fabric to make it easier for cutting.

You will need to cut a rectangle of fabric measuring 20" x 15", 2 fabric rectangles measuring 2" x 11", and 2 pieces of interfacing measuring 2" x 11".

Once those are cut out you will want to attach your interfacing to the wrong side of your fabric rectangle strips. Read the directions on how to attach your interfacing. Mine was easy, you just use an iron, but what this crafter didn't realize when I originally purchased the interfacing is that it was double sided adhesive. To sum up I had to be very carefully when attaching my interfacing so it only stuck to one side of fabric and not my ironing board as well.

It worked out well!

Next up you will fold each on of those rectangles in half using the "hot dog" method :) And pin in place!

Then get to sewing the open ends up, but do leave one end open (either top or bottom).

And voila, you have yourself a set of straps!

The next step calls for you to start working on the actual bag. Take your bigger rectangular piece of fabric and fold it in half, with the wrong side of the fabric facing out.

Sew the open ends shut.

This part got a little tricky for me and I ended up opening up her blog on my lap top! For some reason I was just nervous this part wasn't going to work right and I had a hard time. I also "altered" one part of her directions, basically because I was confused.

She has you to do two folds, first you fold the top over 1/4" and iron, then fold another 3/4" and iron again. I ended up just folding it over 1" and then ironing. After you are all done ironing you slide the unsewn part of your straps underneath your fold and pin. Then sew the top part, leaving enough "empty space" for to insert your boning. Important do not sew all the way, I left an inch opening in the fabric to insert my boning.

See how an inexperienced sewer may have gotten slightly confused? I'm sure it's just me that's confused and nothing to do with the original bloggers instructions but I still was slightly stumped!

After you've sewn the top part (leaving an inch unsewn) you can insert in your boning. Cut a 15" piece of boning.

The boning I got (and maybe it's all boning I'm not sure) had a cloth covering so I removed that and then just inserted the hard part of the boning into my bag.

Once your boning is in (you want the two ends of the boning to end at each strap) go ahead and sew up that 1" piece you left open.

The next part is another alteration (pun intended) I made to the original instructions. My straps were kind of funky when I flipped the bag right side out. It just looked a little funny to me so I  ended up sewing them in place. This is going to be hard to describe so bare with me - I "folded" the straps over so that I could get an idea of how it was going to sit in my car and then seemed to be a little "unsteady". I just added an extra set of stitching to help hold them in the place I wanted them to be. I know totally confusing, I am sorry about that, but you can probably skip this alteration altogether!

Next up you attach your velcro to your straps! I had iron on velcro (Yippee) so this was done within 5 minutes for! For those of you who don't have iron on velcro you can either A. Just sew on your velcro or B. Go get iron on velcro! I love it! Make sure to put the pieces on the correct side of each strap so the two connect perfectly!

And that's it folks!! Your travel trash bag is complete and ready to be hung in your car!

Oh yes you better believe that within 10 minutes of finishing this project I was headed out to my car and ready to even start using it! Alas, I had no garbage to put in it but it still looks AWESOME!!

I am so stoked with this project and so pleased with the ease I had in putting it together. Sure I had a few moments where I struggled but nothing that wasn't easy to manage! It was such a fun project to make and I am sooooo happy I found it on Pinterest!!

So thanks again to Nancy's Couture for their awesome project ending up on Pinterest!! It provided me with a great afternoon!!



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