August 24, 2012

New Couch?!?!

After our wedding Chuckles and I decided we wanted to buy some new living room furniture. Our dogs had basically trashed our couches from laying on them all day while we are at work. We've been sort of actively searching but hadn't found anything that was exactly what I wanted so we were in limbo. 

Then I discovered this Pin on Pinterest and it changed our entire view on purchasing new furniture.

According to the above pin we could easily clean out those nasty stains in our microfiber furniture and have it back to looking fabulous! I want to make sure to make it clear, this trick has only been tried on Microfiber, not any other material so I'd highly recommend doing research before trying this on anything that is not microfiber.

If you do have microfiber furniture and it needs some cleaning like ours desperately needed then get ready for this! All you need is some white (or off white, stay away from colors) sponges, rubbing alcohol, spray bottle, and a bristle brush.

Pour your rubbing alcohol in your spray bottle, do not put anything else in there.

Now don't judge us but here are the before pictures of our loveseat, we've had these for over 4 years now and our dogs have always been allowed to lay on them, plus not crating them means that while we are off at work they are cozied up on this loveseat every day!!

Disgusting, I know!!

Then you saturate the couch with your rubbing alcohol and get to scrubbing with your sponges. I ended up doing this process twice because I didn't scrub hard enough to get out all the nasty marks.

Then you let that couch dry! It will dry fairly quickly but do let it dry all the way.

Once it's dry take your bristle brush and use it on the couch. This will remove the marks from your sponge and make the fabric look like it should.

Doesn't it look so much better already!! Here's a close up of the left couch cushion.

And the right.

I mean seriously how awesome is this trick?!?!? They still need a little bit of work but I ran out of sponges. Yes you heard me right I ran out of white sponges while working on this!! And they are disgusting....wanna see???

Disgusting right??!?!?!?!?!

But remember here is the before:

And after:

One more shot cause I am so impressed by this, this is a close up of the above couch cushion!! 

Consider my mind blown over this one!! We are so excited that we don't have to buy new furniture yet! I'd love to get my big ol' reading chair with ottoman but these couches being only a little over 4 years old are definitely not in need of replacement now!! I just need to get a bunch more white sponges and I'll be working this magic on our couch and then doing another round on our love seat!!

I am so excited!! Thank you so much to 551 East for this awesome trick to saving our furniture!!


Alyssa said...

WOW - this is amazing. I love it when Pinterest pins actually end up being helpful!!!

Anonymous said...

did you use a wet sponge? or dry?


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