August 22, 2012

New Belt - Zero Dollars Spent!

I am learning a lot of new sewing projects from Pinterest and I couldn't be happier about it!

Awhile back I purchased a super cute black dress for work but it desperately needed a belt to go with it to add a little something! I was just going to purchase a bright colored belt but have not been able to find any. While "surfin" Pinterest one day I saw an adorable bow belt and it looked easy enough.

I had some cute polka dot fabric that I used to make a valence for my scrapbook room (oldie but goodie - Valence) and figured what's cuter than a polka dot bow belt?? Plus I used velcro (instead of a button snap) since I already had that, thus not having to spend any money and no need to go shopping. That may sound weird but I am so sick of shopping and spending money. I usually get this feeling at the end of summer cause we tend to always be out and about but add in two weddings and I am spent when it comes to shopping and money spending....over it!!

Since this project cost me zero dollars out of pocket it was perfect!! Unfortunately I didn't take my normal set of pictures, just felt like working through the project and of course regretting it as soon as I finished it!

Even without a how to guide on my blog (you can get instructions for this here.) I wanted to share the cuteness of the belt so that any sewers out there could make one too!!

Here is an up close cute right?!?!?!?

And excuse my hot mess look, on Sundays I barely make it into the shower let alone do my hair and make up!! 

I love this bow belt and it was sooooo easy!! It was a cute project that took me about an hour and half to complete and is totally worth it! I am definitely going to make some more of these in different fabrics once I feel like shopping again!!

Seriously though....this project is so easy and so cute, definitely give it a shot if you like sewing!!

Thanks Momtastic for a fun Sunday Project!!



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