August 7, 2012

The American Heiress

My Apologies Readers. I have been stuck in a reading rut but I have finally pulled through. For some reason I was very disinterested in reading in July and due to personal reasons I did not even attend our monthly book club meeting. I did however finish reading the book at last and feel that I am ready to get my reading back on :)

I finally finished reading The American Heiress by Daisy Goodwin!
I was so looking forward to reading this book when our book club first selected it and even more so after I started reading it. But then summer weather really hit and I did not feel like spending any time reading, especially a book that for the most part takes place in dreary England.
The book focuses on Miss Cora Cash, an extremely wealthy heiress in America who (because of her Mother) goes in search of finding a Duke to marry. The book focuses on Cora's transformation from a young at heart, carefree American Heiress to an esteemed Duchess with child! 
The book is overall quite interesting and the details are amazing. I felt at times I must be in England and attending these over the top parties! I was completely enthralled in the book and couldn't wait until the end. This book was definitely a book that had to guessing as to what the secret was, you know before they reveal it in the book, but I was constantly thinking "there must be more to it". Not hardly, the book ends exactly how you think it will end and that my friends is without a big hurrah. 
Life moves on for Cora as you'd expect and I was left with a "that's it!" feeling. I mean who wouldn't love some major drama after a scandal is revealed? Apparently not the author, she stayed true to the "real world" which for me was far less sastifying!
Overall Grade is a C+. If it hadn't been for the ending I probably would've given the book an A-. If you are interested in this particular time period & location by all means enjoy, the writing is wonderful, but if you are not then I'd steer clear!
Happy Reading!



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