August 10, 2012

Workout Calendar Results!

Well folks I've got one month down using a workout calendar, along with earning some extra cash!!

And I know the picture is probably super hard to make out but that's cause I scribbled all over it!!!!! Every time I worked out I would write down my mileage, time, a check mark, and a $!! If I didn't work out (a.k.a missed a scheduled workout) I put a giant red X and then took off $1 for each one I "missed".


Overall results were:
  • 6 Missed Workouts
  • 31 Completed Workouts!
  • 17.52 Hours of Excercise!
  • 49.06 Miles Ran!
  • 29.25 Miles Walked!
  •  173 Weight Watcher Activity Points (Week 1 = 49, Week 2 = 47, Week 3 = 51, Week 4 = 26)
  • $25 in the Workout Jar!
I achieved my goals for the month of July!!!

I am very proud of all my workouts! I am not happy about skipping out on 6 workouts but this month was all about trial and error. Being how I wanted to really push myself and see how much I could do I feel like July was a success!! 

I loved it the first 4 weeks and then my body hit a wall! I definitely hit the "too much" zone and realized I needed to give myself a few more rest days in August! Plus I figured just because it's not on the calendar doesn't mean I can't still do something if I'm feeling up to it! 

Overall I am so happy with my workouts from July and feel so much more confident starting out August (yes I know it's August 10th but I assure you I'm on track and the calendar is on the fridge)

So here it is folks my August workout schedule!! Looks extremely doable with a few extra days that I can add in some fun excercise if I want to!!

 Yup, another wedding picture!!

Here's a close up of my schedule!!

I took the rest of the first week as a rest week. It was a bad week altogether and my head was not in the game, my body was tired and I just needed a break. But I am back at it and haven't missed one workout this week! In case you are wondering....those work outs in yellow are my optional. I discovered that some mornings I don't have the time to do that and it takes me about 20 minutes so now I'm using August to figure out if optional will work for me or not. 

So far this week I'm 0/2 but I'm confident next week I'll get back to them! I can't do it on my run days cause it's actually a lot of leg work and I don't want to completely kill my legs!

But this schedule still gives me my 3 run days and 2 days dedicated to walking Buster. I feel like most Sundays I'll want to take him any ways but I am trying out this schedule to see if those rest days help!! 

And here are my goals for this month! I am super excited about my goals!!

And since that picture is somewhat dark (my apologies) here they are:

  • Run 55 miles
  • Walk 35 miles
  • Run my 5K in 30 minutes or less (yes I achieved this goal last month but this time I have a real race)
  • 2 Full Body Workouts Per Week!! (already screwed that one up this week, but I'm going to try and fit one in Saturday AM)
And there you have it folks! So far this has been awesome! I'm motivated every time I walk into our kitchen. I think having this front and center has helped a lot and of course inspired me to want to put more inspirational items on the fridge like quotes!!



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