July 11, 2012

Pinterest Idea - Workout Jar!

The other day I came across an awesome workout reward jar on Pinterest. This Pin took me here.

So I made this...

I absolutely love the idea of a workout jar!! The way it works is you pay yourself $1 for each workout you do! How motivating is that?? Super motivating for me cause the more I workout the more money that will go towards my new wardrobe once I hit my goal weight!! YAY!!

Luckily I had everything on hand to make this project! Score for not having to run to the craft store!!

You just need a jar, any jar I'm sure, but I used a regular ol' Mason jar! And then grab some cardstock, letter stickers, ribbon, and a hot glue gun.

The first thing I did was create my "Workin' On My Fitness" sign/label. I am sure there are plenty of other sayings you can put on your jar if you want but I really liked the original idea, however if you need an idea Chuckles wants it to be "Working My Ass Off" :) I stuck with the other!!

And TA DA!! I wrapped my black ribbon around the middle of the jar and secured it with hot glue. Then I attached my sign/label on with hot glue.

And since I really wanted to add a little something else that might serve as motivation or a reminder of how far I've come I had this cute embellishment. For some reason that one word, Soar, really seems to be inspirational to me.

And now along with my new workout calendar (will be shared soon, stay tuned...) that I made cause I'm bumping up my workouts for the month of July the workout jar sits right above on the top of the fridge!! It will be a nice daily reminder of how far I've come with my health and fitness...

Now I just need to go get a bunch of $1 cause I already owe myself $7 for this week alone for all the different workouts I've done so far!! I am super excited to start this and to really keep me motivated I added in a slight twist!! I might skip a workout one day but if I'm skipping a workout shouldn't I get punishment? I'm not talking about those days when you are sick and SHOULDN'T be excercising but if I'm skipping a workout to be lazy than I should have to pay up...

For every workout that's on the calendar that I don't do I lose $1!! Isn't that awesome. Losing out on new clothes money is so not worth it...I'd much rather go work out and gain a $1!!

So stoked I saw this idea on Pinterest!! It's brilliant and I am so excited to start raking in the moola!!


Alycia Asai said...

you're so cute! i am glad you have something to keep you motivated. work it lady!


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