July 3, 2012

Photo Challenge - Day 3 - Clouds...Or Not

I have been waiting all day for a single cloud to appear but no luck folks!! Since I want to make sure to take a new picture every day I am going to play a little photo challenge shuffle! Instead of getting a shot of non-existent clouds I am going to save that for another day of the challenge and instead I'll go to the next day which is..........a photo of something green!!

In case you were not aware I am an Oakland Athletics fan (baseball for all the non sport readers) and of course their colors happen to be my two favorites (coincidence? I think not!! I picked this time when I was little and I've always LOVED green and yellow - baseball team picked by color and locality as well)!

Not only do I have my Oakland A's lanyard for my key chain but I've also got (courtesy of my awesome hubs) a key representing my boys!! How sweet is that? I needed a new copy of my house key and instead of going plain jane on me he brought home that beauty!! LOVE!!

And that's not all folks...yes there is more...See the "G" keychain? My best friend JBug (no not real name) up in Washington send this to me when Chuckles and I got engaged!! We are G's baby!!! But those rhinestones are GREEN!! I told you it was my favorite color!!

Is it weird to love your keys?? Probably but I'll declare my love any ways....I LOVE MY AWESOME GREEN KEYS!! They are the best!!



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