July 17, 2012


Calling all Hunger Game readers!! I have got a new book to share with you and you might have already heard of it!

I just finished reading Divergent last week and holy moly was I totally sucked in!!
I had first hear about the Divergent trilogy on a couple different blogs but being as I didn't have 3 empty spaces on my book list and I was trying really really hard not to add more books I resisted!

But finally I broke down. I heard about it again for like the 10th time and it's always, "If you liked the Hunger Games" you will LOVE this series! I jumped on board, bought the book and devoured it! I seriously couldn't put this book down. I loved all the characters and it's "similar" to the Hunger Games but overall it's a very different story line. A little more adult as well, even though the kids are only 16.

It focuses on 16 year old Beatrice and her time to chose her faction. Currently the "world" is divided into 5 different factions - Abnegation (where she was raised), Candor, Dauntless, Amity, and Erudite. And each of those factions are know for key personality traits and the idea is that they all can coexist but in their separate factions. Each of the factions contribute a key quality to society. It's rather strange trying to describe it but I promise it's amazing.

Once you turn 16 you are required to go through a test, then decide what faction you'd like to commit the rest of your life too. You can choose to stay in the faction you were raised or you can "transfer" to another one and basically give up your old life and family!

There is way more to this than the above description but that's because it's so interesting and such a good book that I want you all to read it!! There is a huge storyline that (I'm assuming) carries over to the second and third books that will make you want to read them one after another!!

I was so happy with this book that I decided to read the 2nd and 3rd even though they aren't on my list. Only problem the 3rd isn't even written yet!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! I was so destroyed over that! I hate reading series and then having to wait for the next one. Harry Potter was the only series I followed like that and it killed me then!

So now I am planning on reading our book club book for July and then immediatly getting into the second of this trilogy - Insurgent. Then I guess I'll have to wait until next year (apparently it will be out in November 2013) to finish off this trilogy!!

Hunger Game readers you must get this book!! You will enjoy it immensely!



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