July 23, 2012

Photography Challenge - Day 22 - Your Shoes

I am so bummed out to say I missed posting a day! I do have a good reason as to why though!! I had my Sister's bachelorette party this weekend and by the time I got home Sunday afternoon I was exhausted!! I took up my spot on the couch and ended up falling asleep!! But I did take a picture yesterday so I can post about it this morning and I promise to not a miss a day the rest of the month!!

For yesterdays photo challenge I chose my Shoes!! I was hoping to do my shoes from Saturday night's festivities cause they were gold and sparkly but then it wouldn't have been an accurate photo of the day! Instead I chose my most favorite flip flops!!

Like I had mentioned my shoes from Saturday night were super hot gold glitter heels and I LOVED them!! But my feet, not used to wearing heels ever, were so excited when I slipped these super comfy flip flops on for the rest of Sunday!! They were even happier when I got home and went barefoot for the rest of the afternoon and evening, not that I really did much walking or standing.

I love these flip flops! They are comfy and cut!! But those little jeweled peace signs make these ones so much better than your average flop! I am a total hippie child at heart (sans the drug use lol) and whenever I can incorporate the smiley face, peace sign, or really anything from the 60s I am a very happy hippie!! :)

These are my favorite flip flops (yes even over my leopard print ones) because they truly are my style!!

Oh and in case you were wondering, the bachelorette party was a complete success and my sister had a fabulous time!!


Staci said...

Too cute! I love the peace signs!


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