July 8, 2012

Photography Challenge - Day 7 - Sunflare

I don't know about the rest of you but I love taking Sunflare pictures!! I've heard they are bad for our camera lens but I can't help it (and since I am taking all these photo challenge shots from my phone I figured I'm ok), amd depending on the picture it can turn out so amazingly awesome!! :)

This weekend we went camping with some friends of ours and I took this one Saturday morning!! Our campsite this time was surrounded by beautiful trees and of course we were up early! Partly because it was sunny and the other part was that our air mattress had a hole and we ended up on the ground BOO!!

Unfortunately we ended up coming home from camping yesterday afternoon. I hurt my back packing the car Thursday night and then with the air mattress leaking out all of it's air friday night my back was shot. Our camping companions were actually the ones to suggest we just head home, as I was just going to drive home and get our back up air mattress (yes we have an extra one, just in case people spend the night, and our campsite was only 40 minutes from home) but they are moving today so I think it worked out well for everyone.

In fact I am happily typing this post from the comforts of our cozy bed!! I was so happy to get to sleep in our bed last night and while my back is still sore it isn't nearly as bad as it was! And as sad as this may sound to some we ended up in bed before the sun went down (the sun sets after 9 here) and I am pretty sure I was fast asleep before the sun was fully down! I was exhausted having been operating on only 3 hours of sleep!!

So now we are just lounging around in bed, coffee in hand :) I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday!! I'll be back later to post the photo for today, once I figure out what it's going to be!! Hopefully somethig crafty since I'll be working in my scrapbook room all afternoon!!!



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