July 27, 2012

Photography Challenge - Day 27 - Self Portrait

I thought about saving this one for last but then I figured ehh why not do it today? The original challenge has you taking a self portrait at the beginning and the end of the month, a.k.a the first and last day, but I really wanted to do it today because A. My hair cooperated and I actually wore it down (need to get a trim) and B. I'm wearing my glasses. 

 I feel like I hardly ever take pictures when I'm wearing my glasses. Don't get me wrong I really like the style of my glasses but I HATE my glasses in general. I had to start wearing glasses in 6th grade due to an astigmatism and my vision has just progressively gotten worse. I have to wear contacts or my glasses 24/7 now because I really can't see far away, I'm talking like 5 feet in front of me is blurry. It's really quite annoying and I fully plan on getting surgery to correct my vision eventually but for now, these spectacles are a part of my every day life!

Like I said I normally wear contacts but every once in awhile I give my eyes a full days break and wear my glasses! Today is one of those days and I'm actually enjoying it! While working on a few projects at work I've been able to take them off (since I'm reading paperwork) and really let me eyes relax!! 

But that's me for today folks! I'm a glasses wearer cube working fool! I honestly can't wait for this work day to be over!! I am getting off work and doing happy hour with the husband before we go home to spend our night playing video games! Yes I play video games. I am by no means a video game nerd but every once in awhile (like every couple months) I get a huge hankering for some quality time with the PS3 and what better to fulfill that need then some Lego Harry Potter!! Awhile back I beat Years 1 - 4 (yes it's a childs game but I love it and am proud of beating it) and then Chuckles purchased Years 5-7 for me and I never got the opportunity to spend time playing it!

So our big Friday night includes getting tipsy and filling our bellies at the local BJ's Brewhouse, then a quick stop at Game Stop, and then it's on like Donkey Kong!! :)

Have a wonderful Friday and a Fabulous!!

Back to work I go!!



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