July 23, 2012

Photography Challenge - Day 23 - Eyes

I have been waiting and waiting to get this shot for this particular challenge! Our cats have absolutely beautiful eyes and I am always trying to catch the perfect shot of one of them for the Eyes challenge.

Today one of our cats, Jasmine, was feeling frisky on our stairs! I definitely stepped up and took my opportunity...

Sure she may look a little crazy but I think she might've been! I swear she found a secret stash of cat nip because she was acting a little nuts!!

Aren't they gorgeous (crazy-ness aside)? Both our cats have really stunning big yellow eyes, and this picture really doesn't do Jasmine's eyes justice! It was hard to get a good picture without the flash cause our stairway isn't super bright!! But I do think this is one of the best pictures I've captured of her!!


Staci said...

What a beautiful cat! TFS!


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