July 12, 2012

What to do With All Those Wedding Cards??!?!?!

Ok, I am officially loving all the Pinterest projects I've been completing lately! It's been so fun to not only try new crafts, but to even be spending so much time in my scrapbook room!! So amazing!! LOVING it!!

This project was super fun!! It originated here. :)

I ended up using a whole bunch of my crafting tools but these were some of the essentials - wedding cards (& bridal shower cards), some new flower embellishments I found, 2 albums with rings - had to buy the whole album package in order to get the rings (anyone know where I can order just the rings like these?), ribbon, and a hole punch!

You will also need some cardstock and maybe more embellishments, perhaps a picture too!

First things first you want to take your biggest card (longest and widest) and add 1/2 inch to each of those lengths. Then cut out those dimensions onto a piece of cardboard. I tried using this thicker big poster board = bad idea!! Don't do it!

I ended up using some random thinner cardboard I had lying around.

Once you've got those cut out, you get to start decorating them with your choice. If you clicked on the link above and you look at my picture below you can see I went a totally different direction on the look of my album! I of course wanted to incorporate our wedding colors and I had some super cute wedding paper to use!!

Once you get done decorating both the front cover and the back cover you will glue those down to your cardboard pieces, unless you've already done that then grab your ribbon!! It's hard to tell on how much ribbon you will need.

The original poster said 30inches but that was barely enough for ours. If you have a bunch of cards from your wedding then give yourself extra ribbon!!

Lay your ribbon across your back cover. Take a push pin and an eraser type object. Something the push pin will sink into without much force. Make a hole using the push pin that goes through your ribbon, cardstock, and cardboard.

Then take a decent size brad (you can tell I used regular size ones, big giant ones not needed) and push it through that hole, through the ribbon, cardstock, and cardboard. Do this through both sides of your back cover. Remember to leave equal amounts of excess ribbon on both sides, it's what is going to tie the album together.

Once you've got your brads on there you will want to cover them up on the opposite side. I took leftover cardstock from the front and back cover and just cut out another 2 pieces of cardstock and glued those on the opposite sides of both the front and back cover.

Next up you will want to figure out where your holes need to be for your rings. I took my medium cards and measure out by them. Oh and the orginal blogger chose to do one ring but I wanted two, I like things even, yes it's kind of weird :)

Anywho I use my hole puncher to cut two holes in my covers.

Then, one by one, I took each card & ligned it up with the holes on the front cover. Took a colored marker and made dots where the hole would need to be cut. After you've marked every card on where the holes need to be you then need to take your hole punch and create all those holes!! This can be time consuming but if you are like me you were enjoying a sweet Disney film while crafting today. Let's hear it for the Little Mermaid!! :)

Once you have punched all the holes you will then need to start putting all those cards onto the two rings. Make sure your rings are big enough cause if it's thick you will need BIG rings, if you have a lot of thinner cards you can probably get away with normal sized rings. Make sure you put your front cover on first and back cover last!!

TA DA!! How stinkin cute is this?? I am so extremely excited that I came across this card album idea cause I don't ever want to get rid of our wedding cards but as I'm sure most of you know it can be a challenge to store cards. This is a nice little package of cards that can also be on display if you choose to go that route.

And you can tie the ribbon into a simple bow, which makes it easy to open and retie the album after you're done browsing the cards. I love having two rings instead of just one by the way. It's more like a traditional album which I love.

This album was so fun and so easy to make that I was able to do my bridal shower cards as well!!

These albums are so cute and so fun!! If you've got your wedding cards, birthday cards, christmas cards, whatever cards you should totally make one of these albums!! You could even do it for your kids as they grow older since they probably won't remember any of the cards they get from when they are little...just a thought!! I love the idea of doing your wedding cards!

Another great Pinterest Craft idea that has now come to life!! Yay!! I am seriously loving all of these fun crafts!!

BTW if you are at all interested in following my Pinterest you can find me here. And don't forget to check out where I found this idea - Something Turquoise



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