July 14, 2012

Photography Challenge - Day 14 - A Close Up!

I am sure it comes as no suprise to you all that my choice for a close up shot was of one of our animals! And this time it was the adorable Buster Roo!! I actually chose to do this shot in a black and white cause....well cause look at how cute it is in black and white!! :)

I actually chose to do a black and white shot because it was fun taking one the other day and I never make pictures black and white! I think we have one picture in our entire house that's black and white!! Everything else is full color, which is awesome but sometimes black and white is the way to go!! :)

And how stinkin cute is our Buster Roo!! I was so excited he actually let me take such a close up picture of him and for how cute it is!! I just love our Buster Roo!! He is so lovable and such a good dog!!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!!



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