July 4, 2012

Photography Challenge - Day 4 - Banana-rama!

Alright it's been decided I'm going to mix up the items for the days and stray from the original challenge! It's still a challenge if I do all the same pictures just in a different order...truth be told we had another cloudless day today so I wasn't able to do clouds and I wanted to do anything but the high angle and low angle shots!!

Soooooo....I picked another day and it was fruit! I was stoked for this day because I have a true love affair with bananas! I swear I eat 2-3 bananas every day!! I just love them! They are filling and easy to eat on the go!!

When I started doing Weight Watchers last year I knew I was going to need to start substituting my unhealthy snacks for something that was A. Healthier and B. Low in Points I knew fruit or veggies were going to be my best bet!! Of course I chose fruit cause who wants to eat veggies as a morning snack?!!? I'll pass thanks!

Instead I chose bananas for the mornings when my stomach starts grumbling before lunch. It's been going on ever since but now I've stepped up my game. I discovered that I wanted to try eating some different breakfast foods that'd be easy and easy to travel, so I tried a couple different types of Overnight Oats recipes (will be shared soon stay tuned...) and guess what I can put on top of oatmeal??? BANANA'S!! I now have a banana with breakfast and some days one mid morning and almost ALWAYS I have one around 3 PM or 4 PM when the afternoon snack attack happens!!

To summarize cause I now realize this post has carried on too long considering it's about a fruit....but I LOVE BANANA's and when I saw that a picture challenge was of a fruit I knew exactly what I wanted to do!! Day 4 of the Photo Challenge - Done!



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