July 7, 2012

Cold Overnight Oats

Remember my Banana Love Post?? I mentioned in there that I had tried two new Oatmeal recipes because I've been needing something better than cereal. I decided to try two new ones, a hot and cold one. I actually tried both of them on the same day cause for some weird reason I was on an "I wanna love oatmeal" kick.

The first kind I'm going to share with you are the cold overnight oats. I found these on the cool new blog I discovered via Pinterest - Peanut Butter Fingers! I immediatly liked this blog and I still haven't even had a chance to go through all the categories - can't wait to go through the playlists for running - but one of the things she mentions A LOT are Overnight Oats! But instead of hot oatmeal it's a cold oatmeal....I didn't even know this would be a possibility...

These are so easy and I couldn't find the Chia Seeds she adds to hers but I am planning on going to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's soon to get those....for now...I used Traditional Oats, Horizon Milk (Seriously BEST milk ever! I discovered this a few months ago and I LOVE it! I recently started using the lactose free and it's AWESOME) and Strawberry Banana Greek Yogurt.

The night before you want to combine your 6 oz Greek Yogurt (whatever flavor floats your boat), 2/3 cup Traditional Oats, and 1/2 cup of milk in a bowl.

Mix it all up together then cover your bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight.

The next morning it will pretty much look like what it did the night before but it will be way thicker...trust me!!

Next stir up the thickened oats and then I divide the recipe in half because its a lot of food and its kind of high in points. Split in half it's 5 points. Which is still a lot but it's a really filling breakfast!

Then add in some milk. She calls for 1/4 cup of milk for the whole recipe (i'm pretty sure) and I really "should've" only done 1/8 cup of milk in mine but I LOVE milk so I figured it wouldn't hurt and guess what it didn't!! :) And for 1/4 cup of the Horizon milk it's only 1 additional weight watcher point which I'm willing to give up!

Stir it up then top with whatever you'd like. I chose banana's (see this post as to why) and since banana's are zero weight watcher points I have a 6 point breakfast that seriously is so filling!!

And....I devoured these!!  The Strawberry-Banana greek yogurt really brought in more flavor and I am so excited to try these with different flavored yogurts and experiment with toppings, although I'll probably always have a banana in there! :)

If you are a fan of oatmeal and haven't tried overnight oats yet (I feel like I am behind the trend on this so please tell me there are others who haven't tried them) I highly recommend these. If you think you would like cold oatmeal then definitly give these a try!! These are so easy and delish!!

Thanks Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers!! I'm not sure when I would've discovered these if it weren't for your blog!!

Stay tuned for my next oatmeal recipe - Hot Overnight Oats!!



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