July 6, 2012

Photography Challenge - Day 6 - Something Pink

I am slightly obsessed with pink so when the photography challenge called for "Something Pink" I knew it was going be soooo easy!! I could've just taken pictures of my scrapbook room but then I would've needed to clean it and that just wasn't happening...

Instead I chose items at work. I've got this adorable photo holder with a picture of me & Chuckles from Christmas last year! I <3 this picture!! I also have my pink lip gloss from Bath & Body, Mini Paraffin Lotion (also from Bath & Body), and my iPod!

I never leave the house with my iPod! I just can't. You know how some people can't be separated from their cell phone, I feel that way about this iPod! My Sister gave it to me when she was upgrading to a bigger one and I've been in love with it ever since! I use it when I go for a run, walk, while cleaning the kitchen, cooking dinner, driving in my car, working in my scrapbook room, hanging out at home, reading a book, blogging, and while working. 

Essentially I've got my iPod plugged in 24/7! I'm a huge music freak so I can't imagine life without it, plus I recently downloaded an audio book to listen to while I'm walking the dogs and it's FANTASTIC!! Just wait until I get myself obsessed with podcasts, oh yes it will happen!

I am also equally obsessed with lip glosses!! I always have lip gloss, chapstick, or lip balm on hand! I've got an emergency one in the door of my car, scrapbook room, a whole bag of glosses & lipsticks in the bathroom, at least one in every "emergency kit" I keep at both offices, and of course my multiples in my purse.

Yes that's 5 different lip glosses!

You just never know what I will feel like slathering on my lips so I must be prepared!!

I'm pretty obsessed with lotion as well but surprisingly not so much on the go. I like the keep hand lotion at work for when I need it but other than that I usually put on a layer of lotion before getting dressed and that's it until the next day!

I know I'm only 6 days in but can I say how much I am loving this challenge! It's been somewhat challenging and super fun! I guess the most challenging part is that I am hoping to take 90% of the photos on my phone. I realize there are a few I'll need my "fancy" camera for but I think it's more of a challenge when I have to rely on my phone's built in camera! 

I won't have a photo challenge post tomorrow as I'm headed out after work today for a camping trip 
(woohoo!) but rest assured I'll be back Sunday afternoon with my photo for Saturday and Sunday!! 

And don't forget to check the blog tomorrow for my review on Overnight Oats!! 

Have a Fabulous Weekend Friends!!



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