July 8, 2012

Photography Challenge - Day 8 - Something Blue

Today's photo challenge was to take a picture of Something Blue and it was quite an easy challenge!! I recently decided to start taking Buster out for walks on Sundays and my "Off" days from Running. In order to do this I absolutely had to get him a new harness because he's a puller. Since he's Border Collie x Australian Kelpie he has a lot of energy and we never really got into walking him cause we'd just take him to Doggie Daycare, but I really really really wanted to commit to walking him cause it's good for me, great for him, and I really enjoy walking!!

So I got him a new harness, this one to be exact, but the buckle cause some nasty rubbing behind his arm and ended up creating a sore the 2nd time we went out. I knew I had to create something in order to make this harness work...so that's exactly what I did...and yes that blog post is coming soon :)

I ended up getting some fabric and some iron on velcro strips. After I showered this morning I set out to make his "protective sleeve" for his harness and then we headed out for a nice 4.62 mile walk!

I was so happy the strap stayed in place the whole time but extremely disappointed when I took it off and his skin was still irritated. Chuckles is convinced the rubbing just irritated the sore he had so I am giving him time off from that harness until his sore is completely healed up...let's hope by Tuesday he's better cause that's our next scheduled walk!!

Other than that my home made sleeve seems to work. It didn't slide around and Buster walked wonderfully!! We got home and he was pooped!! Fingers are crossed that this is a permanent fix for our problem...if not we will be on the hunt for another harness so if any one has any that might work that...A. Pull from the front and B. Won't cause any wounds to my Buster Roo please let me know!!

Happy Sunday!!



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