July 31, 2012

Photography Challenge - Day 31 - Extra!

You didn't really think I'd leave you with that last photo did you?? Nope, not a chance!! Because I chose a month with 31 days and there were only 30 challenges I decided to make Day 31 a free for all!! I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite photos from my small collection!

These roses were a surprise one day from my Chuckles!! They were truly gorgeous and they were just because flowers - my favorite!!

The sky and the yellow field of flowers are just stunning in this photo! This is by far one of my top favorite scenic shots!! The lighting was perfect, the evening was perfect, and after getting this shot I got to head off to book club!! It was a great evening!!

My Belle! She is just so darn pretty (yes I'm biased) and I actually entered this photo into our local fairs this year. The first fair it got a ribbon and we are headed out Friday night to see how it placed in the second fair!

Talk about perfect lighting! One Friday I worked later than normal (6:30ish) because I wanted to catch some shots of sunset at the Round Barn by my work! I love this picture so much! It again was lucky timing on the sun setting and of course using the bokeh setting on my fancy camera!

Hawaii Shot!! This beautiful flower was found at the Honolulu Zoo on our Honeymoon and another entry into both fairs! This one also got a ribbon at the first fair, so lets hope it places again!!

I love love love love love love this shot. Between the golden yellow flowers with a sprinkling purple in there and the horses in the background with the green grass and tress = perfection! I couldn't have been happier with this shot! It was one of those days my Paps and I went out to just take pictures and as we were about to pull away we spotted the horses. Naturally we put the truck in park, got out, and spent the next 10 minutes shooting these beauties! 

This one happens to be one of Chuck's favorite photos! It's probably hard to tell but it's a scenic shot of a beautiful valley and vineyards! This one picture captures so much of where I live that it's a keeper! Chuck even wants to blow it up and put it in our bedroom to replace the "gloomier" shot that I love! Maybe I'll surprise him and get that done this weekend!

This shot is by far one of the coolest building shots I've ever taken! This was taken in San Francisco when Chuck took me their for my birthday! We spent the whole day sightseeing before a surprise party that night, so not only do I love the shot but I will always have the best birthday memories from that day! I did change the photo to be a black and white because I wanted the focus to be on the building and not the beautiful blue skies from that day!

This photo is where I can show off those blue skies! This was the same day and we were so excited to take the boat tour around the bay! We went under the Golden Gate Bridge, which every one who visits the city must do! It's absolutely amazing to be underneath the Golden Gate Bridge and you can get some great shots!!

This used to be our only living flower! It's dead right now, but I am confident it will come back to life during the fall and winter! I love these flowers and this picture was taken right after it had rained. Some of my favorite shots are ones of water or dew sitting on flowers, grass leaves, or tree leaves. I think they are so simple but so beautiful!!

I've never been a great still life photographer so I've been practicing! Apparently practice can make close to perfect :) This was taken with my little digital point and click camera so imagine how happy I was when it turned out so well! This is another I entered into the fairs! The first fair it didn't place but I re-cropped it and centered it better in the frame in hopes of placing in the second fair! In the original form (and my frame) the bottom of the glass was cut off which basically ruins the whole scene. Wish me luck I get a ribbon on this one!!

Another great shot! This one was taken at some local railroad tracks and is actually hanging in our house! Something about the angle and the bokeh (yes I love that setting) just made me fall in love with this picture! Simple yet classic!

 And last but not least, actually these are in no particular order, I present you with this precious one! Those little acorn casings (I think those are acorns) were so adorable and sitting on the stone wall just like that. I swear I didn't move them one bit! They reminded me so much of Elephant Trunks, well the "nostril" part and they were just so cute! I love the stone wall, love the nut casings, and love that a part of the green grass shows up and breaks up the photo a bit!

And that folks is the end of my photography challenge! It has been challenging, fun and worth every minute! I've really enjoyed myself this past month, blogging on a daily basis, and getting to have fun with my phone camera, point & click camera, and my fancy schmancy camera! I will more than likely do another challenge during the holiday months or perhaps I'll just take some awesome shots to share with you all!

If any one else does a challenge like this please let me know! My best friend Alycia did this challenge and I loved seeing her posts every day!! It's always a pleasure to see other peoples work! :)



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