July 9, 2012

A Camping We Went!

As you all know we took a mini camping trip over the weekend!! Even though the camping trip got cut short and we came home Saturday afternoon I still managed to take plenty of pictures to share!!

We had a great campsite this time. it was pretty cozy and was the perfect size for the 7 of us (yes I count our dogs). Since I packed the car and ended up hurting my back I let Chuckles handle most of the unpacking and all of the setting up at camp. I never help with the tent so that wasn't a big change, he just seems to work better on his own :)

After we were all set up and ready to relax Justin built us an awesome campfire. It wasn't really cold or anything like that, heck I spent the whole night in shorts, but we figured why not, it was after 8 and the sun was going to be going down soon!!

After a very crappy night of no sleep on Friday we decided to go home Saturday in the late afternoon. But we decided to do as much as possible to enjoy our camping trip on Saturday. While Chuckles, Angelina, Justin, and Bianca went to play mini golf I hung out at the campsite with the dogs.

Buster keeping watch!
While they were all sweating it out in the hot weather and hitting up the mini golf course I indulged in some leg tanning and magazine reading. It was heaven

Roxy took advantage of the peace & quiet and slept!

After they returned sweaty, hot and tired from mini golf Angelina and I took Bianca up to the pool! It was about 98 degrees so cooling off in the pool was exactly what we needed!! It was so refreshing and we even got to lay out for awhile and tan before the bee's started to take over the pool area. Me = not a fan of bees.

Can you find the photobomb?
We are so lucky to have a great campground that's only 40 minutes from the house. You get forestry while at the campground and then you get to see all of this on the way home...We definitely live in a beautiful area!!

And of course as soon as we got home, got the car unpacked it was shower time!! We always keep the dogs outside until we are ready to go inside and throw them in the shower!!

Look at how stinkin cute Roxy is after a bath?? She gets so fluffy!!

After showering it was time to relax!! We decided to keep the remainder of the day really chill! I caught up on blogs, Pinterest, and email while Chuckles watched TV. Then we hit the sack at probably 8:30. Overall it was an interesting weekend and definitely not our best camping trip but that's okay. My back was so thankful to sleep in the comforts of our own bed!!


Tracy said...

I have missed so much of your blog :(
So happy you got your camping in and enjoyed it.
Your puppies are so cute. :)

Kendall said...

Hi Tracy!! My blog has missed you too!! I've been reading yours :)...made me angry about your "neighbors" stealing your wood :( Some people!!


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