July 18, 2012

Photography Challenge - Day 18 - Childhood Memory

Readers today I give you a photograph of a beloved childhood memory! This is my Baby Mona!

She is a cabbage patch doll that I have had since I can remember! And the little dress she's wearing is a dress that my Grammy "helped" me make when I was little!! Isn't she such a doll? ;)

Baby Mona was my "babydoll" growing up! I always made sure she came to sleepovers with me and she slept in bed with me every night as a child. And she always had prime real estate when I had to make the bed. She was front and center!! I had different outfits for her, including the one above, an Oakland A's Cheerleading outfit, and the cutest purple knit dress!!
Now I keep Baby Mona in our house, out of harms way, but not in a box! I just couldn't bare to put her away in a box with the rest of my stuffed animals that I saved. I keep her, and her other outfits, in our master bedroom closet where the dogs can't get to her but where I know she's safe!

Who else had a childhood "babydoll"? or maybe it was a teddy bear...? My Sister, my Cousins, and I all got Cabbage Patch Dolls. I still had a bunch of other stuffed animals (they are in a tub in the garage awaiting our future children) but none of them even compared to my Baby Mona!!


Jenna said...

There is nothing like a cabbage patch doll!!! I still have mine but i'm sad to say she is in a box. :(


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