July 26, 2012

Photography Challenge - Day 26 - Sunset

I feel so lucky to have this beautiful field outside my back patio (well aside from when they cut the grass and it causes major allergy issues) and I knew immediately with the sunset challenge that it was either this or a trip out to the beach. Since I can't make it out to the beach on a weekday and no guarantee for the weekend I took this shot last night!

I know it's a little hard to see but the colors that lay across that field were really really beautiful! I tried to zoom in but no dice! Trust me when the sun sets the colors that fall on that small field are really beautiful!

Considering we live right off a really busy street in our city I do feel pretty darn lucky to have this field. I'm sure to most it looks like a really overgrown field that should just be put out of it's misery and homes built, especially because it's got a pretty run down shack on the property, but I really love it! Living in a condo you would think we'd step out and look into another persons patio and yes we do, but turn your head to the left and you get this. I just love it!



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