July 10, 2012

Photography Challenge - Day 10 - Low Angle

 Today's challenge is a shot from a low angle. Now this could go a few different ways. I chose to do my own spin on it. 

If you ever come to my house you will 99% of the time see a candle burning! I love candles! No seriously I love candles!! I have an entire shelf in our downstairs bathroom dedicated to candles that is overflowing, okay so maybe it's two shelves. I also have a tub in my scrapbook room full of candles specifically for that room. I've got candles on every bathroom counter, our bedroom, living room (tv stand AND mantal), dining room, and our entryway! 

Yes it's an obsession, but they are so pretty and they always smell soooooo good!! Even in summer I burn candles! In fact I'm burning these right now!

 So pretty right!! I love those vases as they are the vases I used for the girls bouquets at our wedding. I like being able to display items from our wedding and these are perfect on our cookbook shelf in the dining room.

But back to the photography challenge!

With it needing to be a low angle shot I was racking my brain thinking of an shot. At first I thought how perfect I'll lay out on the grass and capture a beautiful tree with our gorgeous blue skies, but that seems so generic. Not that it makes it less gorgeous but I really wanted to step out and do more "unique" shots. 

So candles it is...with their pretty light reflection and warm glow...it makes my heart happy just looking at the picture.

Any one else love candles as much as me?



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