July 15, 2012

DIY - Picture Wall - The Easy Way!!

We have a really nice stairway in our house with ceilings that go all the way to the top of our condo. Meaning they are like 20 foot walls (I think, don't quote me but they are freakin tall) and a blank canvas!! We randomly have put up pictures since we moved in but never really took the time to decorate the wall nicely. It was quite a mess!

One Saturday Chuckles got invited to go to a San Francisco Giants game leaving me with the house all to myself! I ended up getting a "bug up my butt" (love that expression) and decided to fix our disaster of a stair way! I won't even show you a before picture...nope I won't it was a mess!

I took all of our photo's down on every single side of the wall and decided to focus solely on the center wall. I had ordered a bunch of wedding photos, including a 16 x 20 canvas, and we had already purchased a wall frame kit (6 months ago) that had been sitting in my scrapbook room.

I picked up an awesome tip from Pinterest (isn't that where all great tips come from) where you cut out paper size copies of all your frames then tape them up to the wall so you can play with the positioning of each picture before putting a million holes in the wall. And when I say a million I am not exaggerating (okay maybe slightly) but if you remove a couple photo's from my scrapbook room you can clearly see I am challenged when it comes to hanging photos! So this little trick made my life so much easier as well as my wall relatively hole-less.

Ugly ugly light fixture!

 Just make sure you clearly identify which frame is which paper!!
Then wait for your husband to come home and hang them for you. You could always do it yourself but Chuckles prefers to hang things himself. How sad is it that I can't be trusted with hanging nails and hammer while he's gone?

Notice the ugly fixture, cat perch, and white shelf.

The wall was by no means completed but it was looking so much better than before! I had a brilliant idea to make a cute sign to hang above our canvas picture. Originally I wanted it to say The Garcia's Est. 4-28-2012. Unfortunately along with my pitiful photo hanging skills I am challenged in estimating sizes on everything.

I did manage to get up The Garcia's and LOVE how it turned out. Yep I hand crafted that. It took me 2 hours to get it all put together but I also had to run all the squares through my cuttle bug. What you can't see is the awesome texture it added to my card stock! I ran a piece of black ribbon behind the letters and then secured it to the wall using push pins. Don't you love? I do!! Totally worth the time cause A. It was fun and B. It turned out perfect!!

Along with the sign I wanted a new light fixture. I have hated our stairway light fixture from the minute we moved in. It was hideous and very old skool! While I was hosting my Sister's bridal shower Chuckles hung up our new light fixture!! YAY!! We also removed the white shelf cause it was just taking up space in an already small space!

I am so happy and so in love with our wall! It truly is everything I wished for! Aside from missing the Est. 4-28-2012, which really is not big deal, it is more than I could've imagined! 

Some people might think it's weird to showcase our wedding photos, heck some people might even think it's conceited but can I help that we are so good looking that we want to stare at ourselves every day?? JUST KIDDING!! I get to do that in mirrors DUH!

And we actually got some items up on the other wall so we have just one wall to finish. Which I have a good idea for! I'll make sure to share once it's completed :)

I picked up these two signs at Kohls one day (bonus they were 40% off) and I loved them! I was worried Chuck wasn't going to like them but he knocked me off my rocker when he ended up really liking them! YAY!

You see this when you first start up the steps!

Seriously though we are so impressed with our wedding photos that it'd be a crime not to showcase them. Plus, not all of the photos are of just us :) 

Has anyone else used the awesome paper technique to hang their photos??


Staci said...

Beautifully done! TFS!

Jenna said...

Ummm... I remember my artwork was hung in the stair well... so does mean it went with the "mess"?

Kendall said...

LOL! Nope not at all. You're artwork has always and will always be in a spot where we see it every single day. It's still on the smaller "wall" right above the stairs coming down :) So you see it every morning when you go downstairs :) I love that quote and you did a beautiful job on it!!

Jenna said...

Yay! Good to hear! I'm glad you still enjoy it =)


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