July 30, 2012

Photography Challenge - Day 30 - High Angle

You'd think a high angle shot would be easy but it was a challenge for me! I knew what I wanted to get a shot of but of course none of the animals were cooperating every time I had my cell phone on me and then when one of them would my cell phone camera turned them into demons with my flash!!

Fortunately I was able to finally get a shot of the Foxy Roxy with my fancy camera!!

A lot of times (90%) when I go upstairs one or more of our animals sits down at the first landing just waiting for me to come back downstairs! We block the dogs off from the upstairs when we are home because A. Keep them out of the cat food and litter and B. Keep them out of trouble!! It never fails when we "test" the waters and allow them upstairs one (or both) get into some sort of mischief!

Thus why they are now held hostage downstairs...the poor things :) I do love it when they are patiently waiting for me to come downstairs...nothing feels more like puppy love :)

And seriously who wouldn't want this little cutie waiting to smother you with kisses when you walk downstairs after being "gone" for less than 5 minutes!!

And that my friends is the completion of the Photography Challenge!! I have completed all 30 tasks that I was challenged too and I am so happy I did!! This has been tough but fun, challenging but rewarding!! I might even have to try a different challenge during the holiday months because how exciting would it be to photograph all the fun holiday items and events??!?!?!?

Until then...I hope you all have enjoyed this photography challenge as much as I have!! I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening!!



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