July 15, 2012

Photography Challenge - Day 15 - Something Orange

Today's challenge was a tough one for me! I wanted to do the Something Orange challenge because I've been thinking about what I could possibly photograph...an orange? sure except I don't eat oranges. Something Giants related?? Absolutely Not. Even though there are plenty of Orange Giant's items in the Mancave there is no way that would end up on this blog. An orange flower? it's a possiblity if I could find one.

I seriously was racking my brain until I experienced the light bulb moment! What holiday is full of orange items?? Halloween!!!

Who's a huge fan of non generic "Fun" socks?? That'd be me!!

I am a huge lover of themed socks. I have socks for Halloween, Christmas, and Valentines Day. I have socks that are leapord print, mismatched, toe socks, striped socks, argyle socks, hippie socks, and even something "gel" socks from my Sister in Law! My Mom even gave me Wedding Day socks which had a Bride on them! I swear I love any type of themed sock!!

And yes I wear them year round!! This year I actually went through all my socks and pulled out the Halloween and Christmas socks to wear just at the appropriate time of year! But trust me it was no problem to pull out the little gem above!! I keep them close by, you never know when I might get a hankering to throw on some Ghost Socks!!

I love these socks and they are the only Orange piece of clothing I own! I'm not a yellow or orange wearer!! These socks are so comfy and you better believe I spent an hour in them after the picture!! I only took them off cause it's a little warm here and most definitely not sock weather!!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Sunday!!! Any other themed sock lovers out there?? Or an even better question - does any one know of a Sock of the Month club?? Brilliant idea right?? I must research this now!! :)



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