July 1, 2012

Photo Challenge - Day 1 - Self Portrait

I've decided to do another photo challenge!! I found this challenge a month ago on Pinterest (YAY!) and knew I really wanted to try it!! Then on June 1st up pops on my best friends blog a post that she's doing the exact photo challenge I wanted to do!! I was stoked!! I wasn't quite ready to do the challenge right away cause we had a lot going on and I really wanted to commit!

Throughout the month of June I was motivated on a daily basis by my friend as she completed the challenege!! Yup you could say that I was inspired so rather than "wait for life to slow down" I am jumping in feet first and starting the monthly challenge.

Day 1 - Self Portrait!

I'm not sure how many people will agree or disagree on my self portait. I really wasn't sure how I wanted to portray my self and I really wanted it to be a good representation of my life nowadays! So instead of a photo with my face actually in it I wanted to include other important things in my life right now!

The oh so obvious, yes I went there, wedding ring!! Chuckles and I have been married over 2 months now and it really has been super fun!! We definitely understand that Honeymoon phase everyone tells you about!! I am so extremely happy that we are married and I love our little life together...so that my friends is where my heart is at!!

My head is another story. My head is 100% competely focused on getting my butt in gear with this blog (see computer screen in above "self portrait")!! During our wedding planning I felt so off balance from blogging and my posts were so sporatic!! I really want to work hard at getting back in my groove and blog as much as I used to cause I really do love it!!

Another part of my self portrait I would've loved to include but I'm lazy and not sure how I would do it is my health! I am finally back into my running groove and I want to keep increasing my activity throughout the week....AND I am actually going to be starting a new project that I hope will premiere soon on the blog of my new workout schedule complete with cute calendar to keep me motivated!!

So here's to day 1 of the awesome photography challenge!!

Do you think a self portrait must include your face???


Alycia said...

Yay!! Good luck on your photo challenge! Are you going to do an extra photo [for 31 days]? Or just use the 31st day to decompress? I am excited! :)

Kendall said...

Thanks!! I am excited!! I'm not sure how I'll end the month with my extra day yet but I've got a few ideas :) I think I am going to take all my pictures on my phone too!! Might make it more interesting :)


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