July 13, 2012

Photography Challenge - Day 13 - Technology

 Well folks today's challenge was a no brainer for me! I chose technology because I am now a proud owner of this little baby!

This little watch of awesomeness is the Garmin Forerunner 101. It's a sports watch and it tracks your mileage, time, and pace time while you run! And it's pretty pricey! I've been holding off for awhile on getting this because I wasn't running longer than 3 miles and just didn't think I could justify the splurge.
 Garmin meet the Readers, Readers meet the Garmin!

Then Wednesday happened. I had mapped my route before I left in the morning, because I need to know how far I've gone, and it said 5 miles. It was my first time running that long and I was stoked when I came to the stopping point and my stopwatch said 49:18. I also couldn't believe. Regardless I knew I'd gone further than I've ever run in my life!

After remapping it while at home (like I said it was unbelievable to me) I came up with 4.90 miles. Bubble slightly burst but still awesome cause it's 4.90 miles in 49:18, which breaks down to a 10:03 pace, umm Holla!! I ended up remapping the damn route like 6 more times throughout the day and every time it said 5 miles! So I started thinking...I needed a more accurate way to know my mileage.

Enter the Garmin. I went online, ordered it, set for in store pick up and got this little baby yesterday on my lunch! I was so excited to open it up and get it all set up for my run this morning!

Turns out my route that I did Wednesday was indeed 4.90 miles and not 5 like I had hoped! But today I did 5.01 miles! And I knew when to stop because hey it's right there on my wrist! Not only does this baby track your time, mileage, and pace (btw my pace is NOT 8:06) but when you connect to it's internet site it breaks down your runs by mileage and pace!!

Apparently I start out leisurely and get super motivated at the end! It also tracks your calories, umm who burned 813 calories before 6:30 AM ----> ME!

I won't be any more obnoxious than I already am right now, cause my blog is definitely not a runners blog, nor a fitness blog, but how can I not share all the cool things the Garmin does when it's my focus for this post!! 

If you are an avid runner I highly recommend this watch. Two friends recommended I get this a few months ago and of course I'm always behind the times but I just felt I didn't need it until I started upping my mileage!


Tracy said...

This looks like a fun and accurate way to keep up with your runs.
I use a heart monitor watch to make sure I'm not over working my heart.
Love all the neat gadgets out there.
I also love my pedometer :)

Alycia Asai said...

yay! i am so happy you like it!


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