July 12, 2012

Photography Challenge - Day 12 - From a Distance

Another day another photo!! Today's photo challenge was easy the minute I pulled onto the street where my office is...do you remember this post? If you do then you remember I love this barn that sits outside (and down the street) from where I work. It's beautiful and the view behind it is usually a good one! You can see a chunk of the city I live in and just everything around this barn is beautiful! I really am lucky to live where we live, cause it's beautiful and prices can definitely show that! Thank goodness we were able to get a condo when we did!

Any who - it was a beautiful morning here and the scene was just perfectly set up! I pulled off to side of the road and snapped the above picture for my From a Distance challenge! It's not a super far distance, but still a distance shot! Check out those blue skies!! I really love this photo and again I am super impressed with my phone camera!! I know I'm getting to a couple challenges where I'll break out my fancy camera but my phone has done me proud for these challenges so far!!



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