July 11, 2012

Photography Challenge - Day 11 - Black and White

I really wasn't sure today which challenge I was going to be doing. I am still waiting on those clouds...instead I chose a black and white! This one was actually easy cause I could pick anything and make it black and white!

So what did I pick?

My Roxy of course!!

Originally I wanted to get Jasmine but she wouldn't sit still long enough for a photo so instead I went with our other dark furred animal...little Miss Roxy!

She is so darn cute! I just love taking pictures of all our animals cause they are like my kids! And black and whites usually turn out awesome when they are of Jasmine and Roxy, I think it's cause Roxy is black with grey sprinkled in and Jasmine is completely grey!

Just a quick post tonight since there is only so much I can say about Roxy...okay maybe it's that I still want you to come back and read my blog and I am sure you all don't want to hear me go on and on about my perfect little princess!!

I hope you all are having a wonderful evening!! We are in the downhill slide to the end of the week!



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