July 20, 2012

Photography Challenge - Day 20 - Faceless Self Portrait

Well folks I had been thinking long and hard about this challenge all day!! I had a few ideas but the minute I got home after work the answer was staring me in the face!!

For my faceless self portrait I took this photo of our calendar!!

I am extremely type A!! And this calendar just shows a small portion of that personality trait! I am a planner to the MAX!! I will plan things out a year in advance! It's sick I know but I own it! I know that I am totally crazy! I can't help it! I like to be busy, I like to spend time with people, and I like enjoying our freedom without kids yet!!

This past year and half has been so nuts and crazy!! And right as the craziness slows down after my Sister's wedding we enter into our families busy season!! Starting in September we kick of a whole slew of fun family festivities!! We have campfest, then Pumpkin Dinner, then Thanksgiving, and then the glorious Christmas Season, where we trim trees, and bake enough cookies to feed an army!! I am so excited for all of our families fun activities!!

And in addition to those family festivities Chuckles and I have some fun events planned on our own, perhaps even a nice little trip to the snow with the dogs!! Fingers crossed that works out...and in case you are wondering...yes it's already planned on the calendar :-)!!

I feel like with all my planning I am creating a lot of fun things for us to do and really get so much out of life! I want Chuckles and I to enjoy life as much as possible and do as many fun, memorable, things that we can! I want us to just enjoy every minut, because life is really too short.

I just want to take a moment to say -
My heart goes out to the victims' families from the horrible event that took place in Colorado. And I only hope for a quick and full recovery to all those who were injured. It was a horrible tragedy that we will never be able to understand.



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