July 8, 2012

Scheduling My Fitness!

I know I mentioned a few posts ago about a new workout calendar I created so I figured I should share! My goal for July was to own my fitness and get the dogs out for more walks. My biggest motivator was the dogs. Don't get me wrong I definitely wanted to up my running miles but most important was me getting butt in gear and taking the dogs out more, specifically Buster. Roxy usually wants to be carried about halfway through a 2 mile walk :)

I knew that I wanted to start taking Buster on the days I don't run! Problem is that sometimes my schedule changes due to stuff we have going on during the weekends! I figured the only way I'd stick to a new (more intense) workout schedule was to make it a pretty calendar and post it on the fridge...as well as pay myself for every work out :) Who doesn't love making some extra money while doing something good for yourself!!

I actually had a calendar kit from years ago that I never made so I stole parts of it to create my 12x12 calendar. I knew I'd want something pretty with a list of goals for the month as well as space for an actual calendar! I also knew I wanted to feature a picture each month just to add a little something to the fridge!!

 The Boss

So far this calendar is keeping me SUPER motivated!! The first week I hit every single activity goal! The only one I "altered" was that I went for a run Thursday the 5th after work instead of getting up early Friday the 6th. I needed my run after the way the week was going.

So here's what this new calendar has helped me complete my first week of my new ass kicking workout schedule:

1. $9 for 9 workouts! I completed all 9 of my workout activities. Cha-Ching!
2. Earned 49 Weight Watcher Activity Points!! 49 is INSANE!! And I only counted activity points for my walks with the dogs and my runs....The full body/circuit workouts I did I wasn't sure how to count so I left those off...
3. Walked 11.04 miles
4. Ran 10.22 miles
5. Did a total of 5-1/2 hours of excercise

I am pretty darn proud of staying with my schedule but I'll admit, if I didn't have this calendar as a daily reminder I probably would've slacked on at least one walk.
But I'm determined to not put one big fat red X on the calendar all month. I only want $ bills ya'll!!

I am loving all my new challenges!! I've even got August's calendar completed too!! I'm gonna kill it the rest of this year with my exercise...who's with me??

Now onto the next week!! Let's get it started!!



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