July 14, 2012

DIY Rotating Goal List - Fabulous!

 I am loving all the Pinterest projects I've been completing lately! This one just happened to be one of my very first pins ever! A rotating goal board!! I immediately decided I needed it for my scrapbook room, now months later it's come to life!

Ta Da!

You don't really need that many supplies and in fact most of the supplies I started out with reminded me of grade school projects. I got 3 different color posterboard, 2 different pinks to match my room, and a white one just in case, Crayola markers, more cardstock, index cards (the original project calls for post it notes but I didn't have any handy and I had a bunch of leftover index cards from my Sisters bridal shower), scissors (or paper trimmer), and glue. Plus any additional embellishments you might want to add!

The first thing I did was cut out my posterboard to match the size I wanted. You can make it as big or as small as you would like. I decided to go with the pinks and left half an inch spacing around the sides.

Next up I used some leftovers from the wall sign I made for our wedding photo wall (that post will be coming I promise) and  then I grabbed these sparkly pink letters that I've had for years and have been "saving" for the perfect project! I think it's absolutely ridiculous that I "save" certain embellishments for projects in the future that I don't even have figured out yet. Ridiculous but I still do it! :)

After getting the title all situated I started to size down the index cards. I knew I wanted to keep one at its regular size for the month, but then I wanted the actual goal papers to be slightly smaller so I  cut them into 4inch by 4 inch squares.

Then I got out my stencils that I loooooovvveeee so much! Seriously I freakin love stencils they are so fun! And made the July sign! Yup that's where the crayola markers come to life!

Then I started to assemble and glue down all the pieces to my puzzle!

Next up was creating my goals! This actually was harder than I thought. I wanted to do goals that I knew I had a realistic shot at achieving and I wanted them to be "fun" and related to creativity.

After that I made an "extras" folder to hang on the back. That's right the original project did not include this but I didn't want the extra index cards floating around where I'm sure they'd end up lost, then I'd buy new index cards and poof they'd magically appear!!

Instead, I avoided that mess, and took a plain white envelope, cut off the top fold and..........

Voila...secured it down with hot glue and placed all my extra index cards inside!

I added a few more embellishments (see the pretty sparkly flowers!!) and finished tacking all the pieces with glue!! Called Chuckles into the scrapbook room and we got the hanging it!! I secured it to the wall using two small nails.

 I must say I LOVE LOVE LOVE this project!! It was so fun, so easy, and a great way for me to stay on top of my monthly goals!! I love having goals, it just keeps me from getting lazy and sitting on my butt every night in front of the TV. Seriously I'd be a total couch potato without my hobbies and I'd hate every minute of it!!

So for the month of July I want to:

1. Complete 4 Pinterest Projects
2. Try 4 New Recipes
3. Do 10 Blog Entries (I believe this is already checked off)
4. Scrap 4 Layouts
5. Make 2 Cards (this is a new goal for me, I'm so not the card maker but I do enjoy creating cards)
6. Complete 1 Sewing Project!

Has anyone else seen this project on Pinterest and actually made it?? I would love to see your creation!

Oh and here's the fabulous source of this fun project. Check it out here.


Alycia Asai said...

this is so cute! good luck :)


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