July 25, 2012

Photography Challenge - Day 25 - Silhouette

Boy oh boy did I save some of the more challenging "challenges" for late in the game! I think I've probably mentioned that within the last few days because seriously these ones are testing my noggin!!

I was finally able to capture a silhouette picture YAY!! It wasn't easy to remember to go outside at certain times in order to catch the perfect lighting. But my Sister in Law was over for dinner last night so instead of being sucked into a million other things to do around the house we just sat around and chatted. I was carefully watching the time and felt so lucky to catch this awesome shot from my back patio!

I think silhouette shots are super fantastic, especially after googling them to make sure I knew what a silhouette shot was! I, for sure thought a shadow picture would count but apparently not, well not according to definition! I almost still used a shadow shot cause I got a pretty sweet one of myself and then I figured if I'm going to do this challenge I gotta do it right!! 

In fact I'm seriously concerned about the Long Exposure shot cause I have no idea what I'm going to do and of course I still need to look at my camera manual to make it happen! I'm pretty sure that will need to be a weekend challenge! Definitely stay tuned for that one, I'll make it as good as I can!!

For now I leave you with this beautiful silhouette shot of my 'hood!! 

Have a great day everyone!!



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