July 9, 2012

Photography Challenge - Day 9 - A Bad Habit

Today's photo challenge is of a Bad Habit!! You'd think this would be easy but it wasn't. Not because I don't have many bad habits but because I had to pick one out of my many! I easily could've picked biting my nails, eating food in bed, not washing my face every night before bed, and the list goes on...

Instead I chose one that I knew I could tackle tonight....I stock pile magazines like crazy!!

I picked up 6 that I got within the last month and then pulled out my magazine basket which is overflowing. I don't even think I could fit one more into that basket.

I don't go out and buy a lot of magazines, on occasion I'll pick up a trash magazine or a new fitness magazine that I haven't seen but overall my magazines come from subscriptions! Lots of subscriptions!! Currently I get Weight Watchers, Cosmo, Family Circle, Good Housekeeping, Better Homes & Garden, Shape, Fitness, Women's Health, Cooking Light, Simple & Delicious, Healthy Cooking, Taste of Home and the online version of Runner's World.

Yeah I'm a magazine addict. I can't help it. I love absorbing as many factoids as possible and I swear I'm like a sponge when it comes to news and advice. I love advice books, advice columns, product reviews, new recipes, recipe make overs, interviews with celebrities, fitness tips, and of course beauty tips!! I'll never give up this bad habit!!

Anyone else out there a magazine addict like me?


Alycia Asai said...

that is SO not a bad habit! you read them - that is all that matters :o)


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