August 28, 2012

The Recipe Club

I am back in the reading groove people and it feels so good!! I wrapped another book this past week and it felt awesome! I hate when I hit a reading lull so when I find myself getting totally engrossed in a new book I am one happy lady!

The book I just finished is called The Recipe Club by  Andrea Israel and Nancy Garfinkel.

The book centers around the friendship of two girls/grown ladies Val and Lilly. The whole book is written in letters and in each letter they write each other (well 90% of them) they include a recipe with of course clever and appropriate recipe names to go with their situation. Cheesy? Yes, but oh so entertaining for a reader.

The book starts out with the women reaching out after many many years have passed since this "thing" that happened and made them not want to talk to each other. Yeah way to start the book out with you wanting to know exactly what do find out, but not until the last quarter of the book.

This book was pretty good. I enjoyed it and it was a very easy read. There is nothing HUGE that made my jaw drop while reading it and I can't honestly say that I would really recommend the book to anyone particular. As much as I did enjoy it I'm not sure that I'd recommend it period. 

The book is just a book. Not a memorable one that I would rush to my friends and say you MUST read this. But if you find yourself interested based off the description then go for it. I'd say if you can get it at your local library and save yourself some money.

Overall grade - C. Like I said nothing spectacular but I did enjoy it and I found myself staying up late to find out what the big "thing" was that caused the rift.


Staci said...

Read it! Liked it! :-)


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