September 1, 2012

Random Questionnaire

Happy Long Weekend!! Ooops I mean Happy Labor Day Weekend!! :-)

I started out the long weekend (just admit it that's what most of us are excited about) on the right note and took Friday off work! Spent the whole day scrapbooking with Alycia and then had a Yahtzee throw down and froyo for date night!

And today we started off our day super lazy and slept in, then hit up Starbucks before planting on our butts in the mancave. But later today we are hittin up the A's game with a small group of cool peeps!! It should be a lot of fun and I can't wait...but since I've got some time pass I am taking it back old skool!! It's survey time people!!!

I've been really trying to blog every other day but since I don't have much to blog about today, no new recipes, no new crafts (well that I can share publicly yet! Working on some small gift items), and haven't finished my book yet, although I am loving it so far YAY!!

So here's a cute picture of Roxy

And one of Buster Roo
That's all the cuteness you will need for today :)

And now one of those damn surveys that everyone loved doing on myspace but that I recently saw on another blog!! Enjoy and have a great long weekend!! And I promise my next post will include more than just cute photos of our "kiddos" and random facts about me!! :-)


1. Favorite cereal as a child?

Hmm that's pretty tough since I loved lots of cereals as a kid...probably Cap N' Crunch Peanut Butter

2. Coffee or Tea? With milk or without?

Coffee in the AM, Tea at Night!! :) Coffee with creamer, tea with nothin!

3. The one food you eat most often at breakfast?

Bananas. I eat one almost every single day with breakfast.

Lunch Questions!

1. Sandwiches are generally considered a “lunch food.” If you had to choose between a grilled cheese and a peanut butter and jelly, which would you pick?

PB&J no doubt about it. You just can never go wrong with PB&J.

2. You can only put four ingredients in your salad (not including greens); what do you throw in the mix? Additionally, which greens and dressing do you pick?

Snapea Crisps (instead of croutons), olives, dressing, and ummmmmm cheese.

3. One food you can’t live without at lunch?

That's a toughie I guess I'd have to say applesauce. I love those individual cups of applesauce! They go with almost anything!!

Dinner Questions!

1. It’s the end of the day. You’re tired, hungry, and your fridge is empty. If a fast food (from a chain) is your only option, where do you go and what do you order?

Taco Bell. Mexican Pizza and a Soft Taco. If I'm eating fast food I'm going to Taco Bell, it's the only way I really like!!

2. TV/computer on or off while you’re eating?

TV - usually on since our living room and dining room are one big room, I'd prefer it off.
Computer - off unless I'm home by myself, then I might go on Pinterest or read blogs while I eat.

3. The one food you eat most often at dinner?

Broccoli  or Rice. We usually have both of those and then a variety of meats.

Dessert Questions!
Choose between these two American desserts: cheesecake or apple pie?

Chuckle's cheesecake. I love it!

Choose between these two foreign desserts: tiramisu (Italy) or flan (Spain)?

Tiramisu. It's so delish and I can't wait to have some real Italian Tiramisu.

Ice cream: cone or cup?

Cup, it's easier to add toppings when its in a cup :-P



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