September 26, 2012

Altered Race Shirt!!

When I first signed up for my 5k's (months and months ago) I ordered my shirts based on my old sizing...needless to say my most recent 5k shirt was HUGE on me!! I found an adorable idea for altering t-shirts on Pinterest and figured why not give it a shot!!

My inspiration can be found here. :o)

Aside from your shirt you only need a pair of scissors!! How neat is that! 

While Chuckles and his best friend Nick hung out watching football I got to try my hand at clothing designer!! :)

You will want a decent size area to lay out your shirt before you start cutting away at it!

You will then want to cut off a strip of cloth at the bottom, the sleeves, and the neck line. Take off as much in these areas as you like. I went down the less is more path since I really wasn't sure how short that would make it or how "skimpy" it might be.

Next up flip your shirt over and cut a deep V in the back. Go as low as you'd like but this will determine where you are going to wrap up the "straps". It will make sense once you get further down the directions...

Set your shirt aside and grab the piece you cut off the bottom of your shirt. Cut the fabric so it makes on long string, instead of the loop.

Lay your shirt back on the table and slide your long piece of fabric in between the back and front, placing it about an inch to two above the bottom of the V.

Then tie your string into a knot.

Wrap that string down the bottom of your V and back up again.

Tie into a really tight knot once you get to the last of your fabric string.

Cut off your excess fabric string.

Next up it's time to show it off!! From the back!

And the front!!

Don't I just look so hot on a Sunday!?!? :o)

I think I want to make the front more of a scoop neck and try and loosen the back a bit. It just feels a little awkward but I think it's all fixable! Overall I am very happy with the idea and hope to do it with another race shirt!!!


Alyssa said...

Super cute idea and how practical, too!


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